My name is Erica Sandgren and I am a jewellery artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. I am passionate about hand making pieces of wearable art that are truly one of-a-kind. I predominately create my pieces with resin and wood and employ an experimental approach when working, through the exploration of colour and form.

Unlike many other artists, I am inspired by my materials themselves and thus each piece I create is unique. I have completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a specialisation in jewellery and metal, and through further Honours study, have formed and improved my own aptitude as an artist.

Since graduating, I have continued to create and develop my practices through exhibitions and selling my works at Adelaide-based markets including Womade (WOMAdelaide), Bowerbird Bazaar, Gathered and That Dapper Market.

For more information about my work don't hesitate to contact me at hello@ericasandgren.com